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Our goal is to get everyone involved in a Small GROUP!  

We believe that a Small GROUP is so vital as you develop deeper friendships,

  learn more about Christ by studying the Bible with friends, and the conversations......... 

      Oh, the conversations!  

When you come together as a Small GROUP you begin to really dig in deeper to His Word and His Ways.  

We love the teaching and preaching of the Word by Pastor Dave and this is just another way to deepen your roots 'In Christ'.  

Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

Don't see what you're looking for? You can start a group of your own and ask Pastor Dave for direction if you'd like.

  • souls group  2nd & 4th Mondays 6-8pm

    hosts: connie copley & suzi schneman

    This new study by Andy Stanley will take the struggle out of sharing your faith. Go Fish offers a new perception of the word "evangelism" by showing how believers can make it natural, easy part of everyday life. This is a 6 session study.

    We will meet on 2nd & 4th Mondays from 6-8:00 pm at the church beginning on September 13th. We will watch the video together and have discussion. On off weeks of our meetings we will share via email, a little thought provoking lead in for the following week.

    We will meet in person and will offer the option of Zoom for anyone who would prefer that.

    Click HERE to sign up for SOULS Group Study with Connie and Suzi

    BEGINNING 9/13/2021

  • ladies       Tuesdays 6-8pm

    hosts: Kelly beavers, audrey ryburn, tori homann


    Explore how Jesus generously restores dignity and honor to women.  Learn how to study the Bible
    through Middle Eastern lens.  Gain deeper insight into the biblical world with a fresh perspective on
    familiar Bible stories.

    We will meet on Tuesdays from 6-8:00 pm at the church beginning on September 7th
    and ending on October 19th. You will want to watch the video first which we will make available by
    Sept. 1st, and then the the time together will be used for discussion and prayer.
    We will offer a Zoom link for those who are not comfortable meeting in person.

    There is a study guide that goes with this study which is highly recommended.
    The cost is $16 for the book and will be ordered on August 26th. Please let us know before that date.

    Click HERE to sign up for Ladies Bible Study
    BEGINNING 09/07/2021

  • ashby small group Every other thursday 7pm

    HOST: Pastor Dave

    The Ashby Small Group meets every other Thursday at 7pm beginning Sept. 2. It will be in person at Pastor Dave's home but we will also make it available via Zoom for those who would prefer to attend that way. The study topic will be determined next week and this will be updated at that time.  

    Click HERE to sign up for the Ashby group.

    BEGINNING 09/02/2021



    The men of the Bible aren't depicted there because they were perfect, but to highlight their faithfulness to God!  Lucado looks at the stories of some of these scriptural characters, pointing out key decisions they made-and the good or bad consequences that resulted.  Each session includes discussion questions.  This is an ongoing Bible study that meets every Saturday at Farmers Cafe at 8am.  You may join at any time.  Book is $13.

    Click HERE to sign up for Men's Bible Study

  • sigler's sunday evening bible study

    hosts: stephen and gail sigler

    This group meets every other Sunday at 6pm. If you're interested in joining this group, click the link below. 
    Click HERE to sign up for Sigler's group
    BEGINNING 9/12/2021