We offer membership classes where you'll learn the vision and values of Trinity.  We'll explain the core values our church lives by:  Found people find people, saved people serve people, growing people change, you can't do life alone, and you can't out give God.  

Trinity: Next Steps is a truncated version of Community Christian Church's 

             LifeMap course, intended to uncover one's unique place within the Body of Christ. 

                  We'll take a brief survey to reveal your specific spiritual gifts, reflect on your induvial skills and talents, and then brainstorm as a group how you can utilize them to take the next step on your spiritual journey. From service within your family, church or community, we will explore what path God wishes you to tread next. 

            We will also touch on what it means to be a "member of the church" and making the commitment to become one at Trinity. 

                For more information on how to sign up for the next course contact Shalonda Fernandez by sending an email to s.fernandez@fctrinity.net. Let's take the next step together!

Let us know if you think you are ready to take the NEXT STEP