"The unfolding of your words gives light;

    it gives understanding to the simple"

Psalm 119:130

Welcome to Trinity's new Blog Spot. Here you will meet Christians just like you who are sharing their personal journey with Christ through the study of God's Word. We are pleased to introduce our first featured blogger Daniel 'DJ' Homann. Keep on reading to learn more about him and gain access to his insightful blog.

  • My Spiritual Journey   by Dj HOmann

    Greetings Trinity Community Fellowship!

    My name s DJ Homann and I am a graduate of the University of Illinois with a degree in Kinesiology. I went on to study Sport Science and Rehabilitation and obtain my Master's Degree. After several years as a Personal Trainer, I moved into my current job educating staff and customers about the fitness equipment my company manufactures.

    More than any of that, though, I am a life-long Christian who has been attending church since before I can remember. When I was young, my parents, with several other families, started meeting in homes to study the Bible. So I've been around God and His Word my whole life. I have no shortage of good Christian examples close to me who I can look to for guidance.

    Despite this, I have struggled to maintain a healthy spiritual life. Turns out, you don't inherit healthy spiritual habits. They have to be learned and practiced. And the best anyone else can do for me is to be a good model and offer encouragement. This journey is one every Christian has to figure out for themselves. Now at 33 years old, I've figured a few things out and have started getting my life, spiritual and not, back on track. I'm working to spend time daily in prayer and in God's Word. It is helping me be a better friend, husband, father, even employee. The changes I have seen in my life have been amazing! 

    Thus was born "My Spiritual Journey".

    I started blogging about the struggles in my spiritual life, and sometimes life in general, to let others know they aren’t alone. Sometimes when life gets tough we feel like it is just ourselves against the world. We all need some encouragement and to feel like we’re not the only ones. When it comes to struggles in one’s spiritual life, I feel like people hide it. Sweep the problems under the rug and they don’t exist, right? We should be doing the opposite. Church should be the safest place to open up and discuss our problems. Yet so many people put up their perfect Christian facade when they walk through those doors. I’ve done it for years. But I’m not doing it anymore. I want people to know it’s normal to struggle, and it’s healthy to talk about it. Seek people who will support and encourage you through the struggle. I hope this blog can be the start of that for you too.


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